The Eastern V8 Club

is a Dutch club for American vehicle owners.

This website is written in Dutch and also maintained by me.


American Tukker Day

is a Dutch event for American car, bike & truck owners.

This year this US-event will be for the third time a weekend event.

This website is written in Dutch and German and also maintained by me.


Riviera links

Buick links

Oldsmobile links

Riviera Owners Association

Yardley's Riviera Website

Roeli's RIVIERA '69'

The previous owner of my Riviera

Buick Riviera

1966 Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera Boattails

All about 1971-1973 Boattails

1971 Buick Riviera Boattail

The Green Boattail

Chris' Riviera Spot

Buick Riviera - 1963 to 1999

1963 - 1999 Buick Riviera Forum

Registration needed

Project Two Customs

Custom 1969 Buick Riviera


Your website?


The official Buick website

Dutch Buick Club

Buick Club of America

V8 Buick

Buick forum (USA)


Buick Collector´s Resource Pages

Lots of info about 1950-1979 buicks


Team Buick

Buick forum (USA)

Buick Street

Classic Buicks


Classic ads & brochures


The official Oldsmobile website

1978-1988 Oldsmobile information



Riviera & Buick parts

Classic Buicks Inc.

Old Buick Parts - Cars Inc

Kanter Auto Parts

TA Performance Products Inc.

Buick Farm

Buick Parts Directory

Steele Rubber Products

Wheatbelt Buick


Other interesting links

The Old Car Manual Project

A lot of brochures, ads and manuals

Amerikaanse auto

Dutch US-car homepages

Dutch forum for American Car owners